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Tagged by resuki AND Jess-L-Y

1. Choose 5 of your characters
2. Make your characters answer these questions.
3. Tag 3 other people.
4. Add one question of your own.

1. Nell
2. Mia
3. Papi
4. Lillian
5. Tyler

1. Do you want a hug?

1. Nell: Depends on how you look. If you're sexy: maybe. Anything else: gtfo you wish.
2. Mia: I don't take hugs from strangers.
3. Papi: I kinda smell but sure 8D
4. Lillian: Well I wouldn't mind one :3
5. Tyler: HELL YES.

2. Where were you made?

1. Nell: In the dirt.
2. Mia: In a computer chair.
3. Papi: On the couch.
4. Lillian: Also in a computer chair.
5. Tyler: In a bed.

3. Do you have any kids?

1. Nell: I don't intend to. I've used many tricks to avoid it.
2. Mia: I can not have kids until I am married, and that won't happen for quite a while.
3. Papi: I second Mia.
4. Lillian: Well not yet, but I'd love some when I get older.
5. Tyler: No, but maybe eventually.

5. Have you killed anyone?

1. Nell: Yes.
4 and 5 Lillian and Tyler: o.0 ~scoots away~
2. Mia: One man died of infection after I broke some skin of his in a fist fight. I suppose that counts.
3. Papi: I do what I have to.
4. Lillian: Never! I want to bring those people who kill without purpose to justice :D
5. Tyler: Er... No... I mean... No I wouldn't...

6. Do you hate anyone?

1. Nell: I believe I do.
2. Mia: There are people I am angry at, but none that I hate.
3. Papi: Oh no. If I did, that person would be in trouble.
4. Lillian: Well... a couple.
5. Tyler: I hate the things some people do and believe.

7. Love anyone?

1. Nell: Depends on what you mean by that ;)
2. Mia: Not as of now.
3. Papi: Oh the people I have loved! There's been so, so many!
4. Lillian: ~blush~ Mhm.
5. Tyler: Iaan, Iaan, Iaan, Iaan, Iaan a lot and then some more. And my mom's ok too.

8. What is your job?

1. Nell: I'm a navigator for a slaver. Not really by choice but oh well.
2. Mia: I don't have an official job, but I've earned back street money in underground boxing matches. AND ADVENTURE!
3. Papi: I do what I can to get what I want.
4. Lillian: I'ma learn to solve crimes :)
5. Tyler: Well I don't really have one...

9. Box or Rocks?

1. Nell: Either.
2. Mia: Er...
3. Papi: BOTH YEAH.
4. Lillian: Excuse me?
5. Tyler: ...lolwhut?

10. One day you dream you could fly?

1. Nell: Last night I did :D
2. Mia: All the time.
3. Papi: What is this anyway? Can't we just go somewhere else and do something more... interesting ;)?
4. Lillian: Oh I'd love to!
5. Tyler: No.

11. Favorite Food?

1. Nell: I love Cornish hen! It's been so long...
2. Mia: Biscuits and butter.
3. Papi: Your ~BLEEP~
4. Lillian: Mercy Candy Bars ;D Oh who am I kidding, I'm so tired of those. I like cotton candy.
5. Tyler: I like fried things.

12. Favorite flavor of ice cream?

1. Nell: Ice cream is too cold.
2. Mia: Chocolate.
3. Papi: Never had it.
4. Lillian: Coffee.
5. Tyler: Mint chocolate chip.

13. What is your prized possession?

1. Nell: My corset. It is my own.
2. Mia: The set I use to put my hair up. It calms me down to do that.
3. Papi: My sombrero. For sure.
4. Lillian: My first blue dress!
5. Tyler: Iaan :D And all my clothes >>

14. We've heard this much about you, so what do you look like?

1. Nell: Oh, pretty plain. I'm not all that wealthy so I don't spend much. I always wear my corset though.
2. Mia: I'm short. There. I said it. Shortshortshort. But strong :]
3. Papi: Poncho, messy curly hair... sexy.
4. Lillian: Quite in style :) A modern 40s woman.
5. Tyler: Well I don't wanna brag but... I look good. I like over shirts with the sleeves cut off.

15. What is your favorite animal?

1. Nell: Mice.
2. Mia: Great Danes, they're beautiful.
3. Papi: My trusty horse!
4. Lillian: Kittens :) When they get old they sometimes get mean though :(
5. Tyler: I like a lot of them, I'm not picky.

16. Tell us about a scar on your body.

1. Nell: My slave brand is on the back of my neck. I covered it up with a tattoo though.
2. Mia: Here, on my foot. I stepped on glass.
3. Papi: I survived chicken pox! The evidence is on my stomach.
4. Lillian: Uh... I don't know that I have one. Wait! There's on here! What's that from?
5. Tyler: I jumped over a barbed wire fence once and got this on my thigh.

Anyone who cares to do this is tagged! ~lame~ D:
  • Listening to: Abney Park.
  • Reading: Weird History 101
  • Eating: Your soul.
  • Drinking: Root beer :3


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